The research that has led to this paper “Potential of agrivoltaics systems into olive groves in the Mediterranean region“, shows how to integrate solar energy in super-intensive Mediterranean olive groves, boosting sustainability. By optimizing the shading of solar panels, we could increase the power generation capacity by 3.5%. Furthermore, by installing agrivoltaic systems in just 1% of the region’s olive groves, we could increase global solar capacity by 2.5%, generate 1.8% of current electricity demand and create 560,000 jobs. A breakthrough towards a cleaner, more prosperous future! 🌍💡 Agriculture and energy production can coexist in harmony!🌱☀

Check out the article at the link and don’t miss detail.

Great job! Congratulations to the authors: Álvaro Fernández Solas, Ana M. Fernández Ocaña, Florencia Almonacid and Eduardo F. Fernández.

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