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This is AdPVTech’s blog, here you will find the latest news and events related with our group

PV Magazine news

📣 We are delighted to announce that our recently published paper on 'Enhancing land use: Integrating bifacial PV and olive trees in agrivoltaic systems' has garnered attention and is now featured in a report by pv magazine Global.We invite you to take a moment to...

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Phase II BIGER project

We continue to work on the BIGER II project, in collaboration with other companies such as Isotrol, Kaylon Energías Renovables, Sol-ution and Atrebo, under the coordination of the onTech Innovation Cluster. BIGER II is the second phase of the three that make up this...

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I Connect Forum onTech Innovation

On November 8th and 9th, onTech Innovation, the largest technology cluster in Southern Europe, organized the I Connect Forum. The forum featured various technology organizations, each representing a specific area of the technology industry, including Artificial...

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Research article publication!

📢📃 New publication! The paper "An Investigation on the Pollen-Induced Soiling Losses in Utility-Scale PV Plants" is now available for reading in the IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics. This article is the result of a research stay that João Gabriel Bessa, a recent Ph.D.,...

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