Last week, Jesús Montes Romero, Alejandro Cruz Escabias and José Manuel Fernández López travelled to Murcia to visit the IMIDA – Instituto Murciano de Investigación y Desarrollo Agrario y Medioambiental, a centre which, together with our Advances in Photovoltaic Technology (AdPVTech) group, is part of the GLASS (Greenhouse Living-lab Agrivoltaic Systems in Spain) project.
During this visit, our colleagues were able to see the installations of the greenhouse prototypes with photovoltaic installation built by the company J. Huete Greenhouses, which is also a partner company of the GLASS project. Together with María Pilar Flores Fernández-Villamil, Fulgencio Contreras López and Virginia Hernández Pérez, from IMIDA, some detailed measurements were carried out, such as spectral distribution and IV curves, to verify the transparency of the materials and to analyse the spectrum within each structure.

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