Interview of EMA-RTV-Onda local de Andalucía about GLASS (Greenhouse Living-lab Agrivoltaic Systems in Spain) with one of the main researchers of the project, Dr Eduardo F. Fernández, together with the recent Dr Álvaro Fernández Solas. In the interview they tell a little about where the motivation to establish Agrivoltaic as one of the research lines within our group came from, as well as the benefits that the development of this technology in the olive sector would imply.

According to Álvaro Fernández, “for the picual variety, an optimum photovoltaic transparency of around 60-65% is required. Covering only 1% of the olive grove surface area in Spain, energy equivalent to 3% of national consumption could be generated. In addition, this would contribute to generate a lot of employment, up to approximately 130,000 jobs to install all this photovoltaic capacity”.

In addition, Alejandro Cruz Escabias, PhD student, and José Manuel Fernández López, research technician, show several prototypes of mini-greenhouses manufactured by our group, each with a semi-transparent photovoltaic module of different levels of transparency and composition, working in different absorption bands of the sunlight spectrum to see which is best suited to each type of crop.

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