WiT-CPV is short for “Wide-acceptance-angle Tracking-integrated micro-Concentrator PhotoVoltaic module for Agrivoltaics”. It is a project that was conceded to Advances in Photovoltaic Technology (AdPVTech), starting last September and whose principal investigator is Dr. Eduardo F. Fernández.

Funding from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, Agencia Estatal de Investigación- AEI, and the European NextGenerationEU funds, one of the main benefits of this project is the creation of a solid and competitive technology in the EU capable of developing a new type of cost-effective and highly efficient photovoltaic energy.

In addition, WiT-CPV is fully in line with the new “European Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for Photovoltaics” developed by the European Technology Innovation Platform for Photovoltaics (“ETIP-PV”).

WiT-CPV aims to trigger a major impact on society due to the multiple synergies between photovoltaics and agriculture. We will soon be showing the progress made in this project.

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