This week the 40th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC) took place. The innovation platform for the global solar photovoltaic sector.
Lisbon (Portugal) was the city in charge of hosting this event, and where two works were presented in which Advances in Photovoltaic Technology (AdPVTech) participated, led from the Universidad de Jaén (#UJA) by Dr. Eduardo F. Fernández and Dr. Florencia Almonacid.

– Álvaro Fernández Solas gave an oral presentation entitled: “The Impact of Soiling in Europe: Estimation and Error Induced by Typical Loss Assumptions“. A study together with Dr Eduardo F. Fernández, Dr Leonardo Micheli from Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy and Dr Nicholas Riedel-Lyngskær from European Energy A/S, Søborg, Denmark. The study demonstrates the lack of accuracy of typical technical assumptions used by modellers to estimate fouling losses, and underlines the importance of on-site monitoring of fouling losses. We are continuing to collect actual fouling data to extend the study, so anyone interested in contributing data is welcome to contact us.

– Elmehdi Mouhib also presented a poster entitled: “Assessment of Olivoltaic’s Potential to Improve Land Use“. A work carried out together with Álvaro Fernández Solas, Dr Eduardo F. Fernández, and Dr Florencia Almonacid from our research group, and Dr Leonardo Micheli, from Sapienza Università di Roma. This study investigates the performance of AgriPV (APV) in Southern Spain with bifacial PV technology and three types of olive crops.

We keep moving forward and working to present in the next edition the research we are carrying out. Stay tuned to our updates to learn more about our work and the results we are obtaining!

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