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Comprehensive ground coverage analysis of large-scale fixed-tilt bifacial photovoltaic plants“, is the title of the research published in the journal Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. 📃 This article is the result of a collaboration between the Universidad Panamericana of Mexico (Engineering Faculty in Aguascalientes and Engineering Faculty in Zapopan) and our Advances in Photovoltaic Technology (AdPVTech) group at the Universidad de Jaén.

This is the abstract of the published work:
“In the design of large-scale photovoltaic plants, decisions on array pitch and tilt play an essential role in life-cycle economics. These design issues have been studied extensively in traditional monofacial systems. However, bifacial systems, which are in increasing demand, are being studied and face challenges in system modeling, particularly in characterizing rear irradiance. Studies considering bifacial panels in plant layouts are recent and must be extensive. Existing studies are based on computationally intensive software and are limited to specific configurations. This study presents the development and validation of an analytical model of a multirow bifacial photovoltaic plant against Bifacial Radiance and DUET ray-tracing software. Comprehensive ground coverage and array tilt analyses are carried out for all ranges of configuration parameters (clearance height, albedo, collector length, bifaciality, or yield loss) and latitudes of up to 60° using this model. The results of extensive simulations were used to train the artificial neural networks. These mathematical architectures allow easy and fast execution of the proposed model with a slight accuracy loss and are provided in the supplementary material. In-depth analysis and developed tools will facilitate decision-making to obtain photovoltaic layouts more efficiently in terms of energy and economy for large-scale bifacial plants.”

You can also access to the full article through the link: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.rser.2023.114229

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